How to Select an Aftermarket Tonneau Cover for Your Hilux?

If you are the owner of a Toyota Hilux, a tonneau cover is an important addition you can consider for the truck. There are many things you need to consider when choosing an appropriate cover and sticking to a guideline will allow you to select a durable cover that meets your expectations.

There are many types of covers you will come across when you start searching for a tonneau cover Hilux and the main categories will be soft covers, hard covers and retractable covers. Hard covers offer best protection for cargo and these are generally made out of fibreglass or aluminium. These also offer a higher level of security as they are more difficult to get into. When it comes to soft covers, some of the materials you will come across are canvas and vinyl.

While these will not add to the weight of the vehicle significantly, they may not offer a high level of protection. However, these tend to be more affordable than hard covers and are a good option for light use. If you are looking for a cover that allows you to access cargo easily without much fuss, a retractable cover is a good idea.

But before you purchase a cover,

You need to make sure that it is compatible with the make and model of your Hilux. Even if you find a cover that specifies it is compatible with Hilux pick trucks, check whether it is compatible with the model year of your truck. There can be slight changes to the fit if you don’t check this. You can double check this with the supplier so you know you are making the right choice. Think about how you are going to install the cover.

Some can be done on your own with a few basic tools while certain covers will require professional installation. If you are planning to fit the cover on your own, you need to look for something that provides clear instructions. And it is best to purchase from a supplier that has good customer support. You will be able to contact them for any clarifications during the installation process.

You should also check whether

The cover comes with the accessories and hardware needed for the installation. You can also check whether the supplier offers installation service as well. You need to consider the level of security offered by the tonneau cover. This depends on the type o cargo you are carrying. Check what kind of a locking mechanism comes with the cover and whether that is sufficient for your needs. There are also additional security features you can look into such as a tamper resistant design and reinforced hinges.

UV-resistant waterproof covers will be ideal for any weather condition. And if you are in an area with a high rainfall, look for additional features that can keep water out of the cargo area such as drainage systems. In addition to the functional aspects, consider whether the cover boosts the appearance of the vehicle.