How to Install Towing Mirrors For 4WD?

If you’re an off-roader, it’s no surprise that you’d want to ditch your side-view mirrors and install towing ones. We talked all about how you can get it done below. Read ahead.

Door Panel

The first thing you need to do is remove the door panel from the vehicle. This would help you get to the side mirror connector. Using a pocket screwdriver, get rid of the trim on the armrest.

Once the trim has been removed, you’ll need to push back the cover to get a hold of the screw, which would have to be removed.

Door Handle

A pocket screwdriver would be needed to be used again. It would let you pay off the cover from behind of the door handle. A screw would be revealed. Get rid of it.

Pry the Panel Off

Once the two screws have been removed, the door panel can be pried off. You can’t just extract it from the car as you’d like, though. You’re advised to remove it from the bottom to the top.

You’ll be able to pop it off the vehicle, with everything in-tact, including the side-view mirror.

Hold the Door

Once the door is off, there needs to be something to support it. Hold it in place by attaching hooks. Be mindful of how strong they are, though. You don’t want the door to come crashing down.

Locate the Wires

There would be wiring where the back panel was. The white and black connectors need to be removed. The disconnecting process doesn’t require any additional equipment; you can pull them apart with your hands.

Remove the Mirror

There may be a speaker housing cover which you’ll have to pry off. You’ll have to remove the three bolts holding the side-view mirror in place as well. Support the device, as once the screws are off, it could fall.

Bolt the New Unit

The new towing unit first needs to be bolted so that it doesn’t move. When doing this, guide its wiring through the openings.

The number of towing mirrors around is immense. No matter the one you pick up, you’ll always have several wires to connect.

Once you’ve tucked the wiring out of the way, the unit has been installed. Test its functions before you re-bolt the door and its panel.

Check the Door

Assess how good of a job you did. You just removed your door and reinstalled it, so the chances of it falling mid-drive are high. Be tough with your inspection and put weight on the door – you need to really see if it’s locked in place or not.

Final Thoughts

Installing the devices require a lot of work. You’re supposed to remove your entire car door just to get the job done. Make sure that you test how good of an installation job you did, as you don’t want the door to fall off mid-drive.

You need to be mindful of the towing mirror you pick up as well. There are several on the market, so invest in a quality choice.