Signs that You Need to Service Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

The car’s air conditioning system provides us much comfort while driving especially during hot weather. You don’t need to worry even when you’re going out for a long drive under the summer heat since the air conditioning system of your car will surely keep you cool. Most of us don’t notice this important system in our car until it is gone. To avoid getting caught off-guard with problems in your car’s A/C system, here are some easy to spot signs that it needs to be serviced or repaired.

It’s not Cooling

One of the obvious signs of a faulty air conditioning system is simple; it doesn’t cool at all. When you turn it on and you’re not getting anything but just warm or just no air at all, there is definitely a problem in there that needs to be serviced. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen. It could be clogged air vents or filter, broken cooling fans or maybe you just ran out of refrigerant. A quick trip to a car air conditioning Mackay mechanic is the key to diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Cooling Slow

Normally, it doesn’t take that long to cool your car’s interior after turning on the air conditioner. However, if you notice that it’s taking longer than usual, it is already a sign of a minor problem in your A/C system. One of the most common causes of this problem is having not enough refrigerant due to some leaks in your A/C system. When this happens, be sure to address the problem immediately because it can put much strain on your car’s A/C system.

Unpleasant Odours

It is not normal for your car’s air conditioner to emit bad smell when turned on. If you notice unpleasant odours coming out from the vents when you turn it on, then you should get your A/C checked immediately. It is usually caused by mould growth inside the A/C system of your car. Although it doesn’t pose much risk to the unit, mould causes respiratory problems and other health issues when inhaled. Be sure to address this problem immediately to keep you and your passengers safe and healthy.

Unusual Sounds

Aside from foul smell and cooling problems, another simple sign of a problem in your A/C is strange or unusual noises coming from it when turned on. It could be some rattling, cracking, banging, or any other strange sound that wasn’t normally there before. This can be caused by a variety of factors such as debris clogging up the cooling fans or a worn-out part inside that is soon to break. Once you experience this sign, take your car to a professional for quick diagnosis and prevent it from getting worse.

Although it may look simple on the dash, your car’s A/C system has a far more intricate system behind the dashboard. It is composed of a lot of parts that work altogether to make the system work. Be sure to keep all of these components in good shape in order to maintain the life of your car aircon.