How to know if your garage door needs servicing

How to Know if your Garage Door Needs Servicing?

The garage doors ensure the safety of your car and family. Therefore, you must be very careful about its repair and maintenance. But the stats show that homeowners don’t pay any attention to the garage doors unless something terrible occurs. The garage door can become a huge threat to your family if it’s not maintained properly.

How to know if your garage door needs servicing

The purpose of writing this article is to talk about the signs that indicate if the garage door needs servicing. So, if you’re concerned about your family’s safety, this article is the perfect solution for you. Let’s take a look at how to know if your garage door needs servicing.


It Won’t Open or Close


If you’re unable to open or close the garage door, you must inspect it as soon as possible. This problem may occur due to several reasons such as misaligned sensors, faulty wiring, and more. In this situation, you must get in touch with the professionals to repair the door. But before that, you must make sure that there is nothing in the way of sensors. Sometimes, the garage door doesn’t open when there is something in the way of the sensors.

However, if there aren’t any obstructions and you’re unable to open the door, you can’t do anything except hiring the garage door experts. We recommend the services of garage door installations Geelong as they understand the right way of fixing the problems with garage doors.


Slow Response Time


Normally, the garage door starts opening within a few seconds once you’ve pressed the opener. The opening and closing time of the garage door is ultimately increased when there is something wrong with it. If you experience the delay in the operation, you must get in touch with the professionals to fix this problem.


It makes a lot of noise

How to know if your garage door needs servicing

The garage door starts making noise due to worn rollers, loose hardware or the garage door opener. You can use several DIY methods to fix this problem. But we recommend getting in touch with the experts so you may stay safe from major problems.


The door is Off the Tracks


The garage door gets stuck when it’s visibly off its tracks. This problem usually occurs with the garage doors that have sustained damage over the years. This problem can only be fixed if you have the specific parts and equipment required for this process.