New Kawasaki 2017 Jet Ski SX-R for sale in Cairns

2017 Jet Ski SX-R

Unprecendented Riding Experience

As the pioneer of personal watercraft and the creator of the original mass-produced stand-up model, Kawasaki is pleased to present the JET SKI SX-R, a long-awaited model sure to redefine the standard for stand-up power and handling. Powered by a 1,498 cm³ 4-stroke In-Line Four, the SX-R has twice as much power as its 2-stroke predecessor, the JET SKI 800 SX-R, and a broad spread of power that delivers strong acceleration from any rpm. This massive power is harnessed in a newly designed hull that allows riders to use their whole body as they skilfully control this exciting new model. The 4-stroke JET SKI SX-R breathes new life into the standup category. Its combination of big, yet manageable power and agile, rider-active handling offers a wide range of riders an unprecedented riding experience.

New 2017 Jet Ski SX-R
2017 Jet Ski SX-R Key Features

Key Features

  • The marine 1,498 cm³ DOHC inline four-cylinder engine produces 160 horsepower. It’s the most powerful production Stand-Up PWC in history.
  • Superb cornering performance. Development of the new hull incorporated racing feedback.
  • Agile handling complemented by great stability and increased power, allows higher cornering speed.
  • Exceptional stability from a longer and wider hull contibutes to excellent stability in both straight line and in turns.
  • Wide deck with a larger, wider floor provides more room to move around.
  • Sleek and sharp styling, reflecting its high race potential.
  • Injection mould sponsons contribute to overall stability as well as sharp, clean turning performance and a very solid feel when banking.
  • Kawasaki Splash Deflector (KSD): a lateral strip on the forward section of the hull reduces water splash, especially at speed and in rough water.
  • MX-style handlebar features a sporty pad that contributes to the racy looks.
2017 Jet Ski SX-R Marine 1,498 cm3 4-Stroke In-Line Four Engine

Marine 1,498 cm3 4-Stroke In-Line Four Engine

DOHC, 16-valve, fuelinjected, 4-stroke In-Line Four engine displaces 1,498 cm³ and has a bore/stroke ratio of 83.0 x 69.2 mm. Compression is 10.6:1. Electronic fuel injection system delivers hard-hitting throttle response. Fuel injection also ensures easy, hassle-free starting with the push of a button. Throttle body diameter of ø60 mm ensures quick response and high power output at all rpm. Valve sizes measure ø33.4 mm (IN) and ø28.3 mm (EX). Narrow valve angles (IN=12°, EX=13°) ensure a highly efficient combustion chamber shape. All-aluminium cylinder with electroplated bores is light, long wearing and offers superior heat dispersion. Coolant water is force-fed from the jet pump. Filter at the inlet prevents debris from entering the system. Redesigned to fit in a stand-up hull, the slim, compact water muffler takes up about 20% less space than that of the STX-15F. It also contributes to low weight. Double-walled water-cooled exhaust manifold provides efficient cooling. Sound absorbing box inside the water muffler contributes to low exhaust noise. Plastic intake manifold designed with feedback from ULTRA 310 Series models contributes to low-rpm acceleration and response. Large-capacity airbox reduces intake noise for quiet operation.

2017 Jet Ski SX-R Large Deck

Large Deck

Commensurate with its larger hull, the deck features a larger, wider floor area (especially at the front), offering greater freedom of movement. Deck has a forward slant, making it easier for riders to brace against the SX-R's strong acceleration. The high side deck fins are easy to use as a point of leverage for the legs. Pads on the inside of the deck fins contribute to grip.

2017 Jet Ski SX-R Handlebar and Warning Lights

Handlebar and Warning Lights

MX-style handlebar features a sporty pad that contributes to the ski's racy looks. Handlebar made from stainless steel (aluminium on the 800 SX-R) offers increased corrosion resistance. Engine and fuel warning lamps built into the handle pole pad offer at-a-glance information.

Technical specs


Type: 4-stroke In-Line Four

Displacement: 1,498 cm³

Bore and Stroke: 83.0 x 69.2 mm

Compression Ratio: 10.6:1

Fuel System: Fuel Injection, Mikuni

Ignition: TCBI with Digital Advance

Starting: Electric

Cooling System: Inducted water

Lubrication: Forced lubrication, semi-dry sump

Drive System:

Coupling: Direct drive from engine

Type: Axial flow, single stage

Thrust: 4,250 N (433 kgf)

Steering: Steerable nozzle


Maximum Power: 118 kW (160 PS) / 7,500 rpm

Maximum Torque: 152 N.m / 7,250 rpm


Overall length: 2,655 mm

Overall width: 765 mm

Overall height: 840 mm

Curb Mass: 250 kg includes full fuel tank and all fluids at correct levels

Fuel Capacity: 23 litres

Warranty: 12 months


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