How to Replace A Flat Tyre?

There may be certain inevitable situations that lead to a flat tyre, which is the loosing of air from the tyre caused by stepping into some sharp objects. Deflation of air leads to the contact of the rim of the wheel on the ground resulting in loss of control of the vehicle and accidents.

Therefore, if one has got into the flat tyre situation it is advised for the drivers to slow down the vehicle and move it to a side, make sure there are no running vehicles on your way, once you have got to a safe spot inspect your tyre. Be careful not to ride with the flat tyre as it can be dangerous

Changing a flat tyre is knowledge that is quite essential to those who drive, it’s a bit of a hassle but not a very difficult skill. Usually as a precautionary measure car are equipped with spare tyre and tyre changing kit which comprises of a jack, a lug wrench additionally certain cars may also have a wheel lock, extension bar (to lower the tyre) and spare bud.

Park the Car in A Proper Spot

Make sure the vehicle is in park mode and the emergency brake is lifted, and the area where you have parked your vehicle shouldn’t be on a slope but on a flat land as it would prevent the moving of the vehicle. Prior to removing the tyre it’s better to place a blockade on the opposite tyre to the flat tyre to prevent any movement.

After removing the spare tyre check its pressure if you have a gauge else if you are able to find tyre repair Perth it’s better to pull your vehicle over to get your tyres checked. If the air pressure is good you can confidently remove the tyre to replace it.

Loosen the Lugs

Take out the lug wrench which is a ‘L’ shaped tool that is used to remove the lugs of the wheel. Lugs are sometimes very tight so you have to use extra force to loosen, at this point you just want to loosen it. Turn the lugs anti clock wise.

Place the Jack

Move the jack under the car, there are points called jacking points in the car which has to be found by reading the car manual if you are unaware of these locations.

Raise the Jack

Most jacks nowadays are screw type scissor jacks, place the jack under the car and raise the jack by rotating the knob using metal hand crank until the jack comes in contact with the car and keep on rotating until the tyre comes off the ground.

Mount the Spare

Once the tyre is lifted off the ground remove the lugs, you can do this by hand if you had already loosed them or you can use the lug wrench again. After removing the lugs place them carefully so they are not misplaced or roll away.

Place the spare tyre over the wheel stud, make sure you align the holes of the wheel over the protruding wheel stud, this might be quite challenging so what you can do is balance wheel on one leg while you try to align it.

After the spare wheel is fitted screw the lugs back on and tighten them. Lower the jack and remove the jack, now tighten the lugs back further. Store back the deflated tyre and the equipment and you are done.