Hosting An Informal Wedding Reception

Weddings have changed a lot during the last decade. What used to be a large costly affair in a well decorated church to a wedding reception in a stately hotel hall with all the bride and grooms family and friends, is now replaced with a simple garden or beach wedding with a barbecue or finger food with selected individuals who are close to the couples heart. Weddings today focus more on the marriage itself rather than the ceremony and the bride and groom-to-be, gladly vouch out of huge ceremonies that would cost them all their savings.

Here are a few things to make sure you have all your bases covered, even though it is quite an informal event.

Remember The Budget

Make sure that you have created a reasonable budget in mind. You will need to make sure that you factor in all the expenses you will have. Also look at things that seem insignificant like making sure that your wedding car is buffed by a car buffing services in Sydney to ensure that you are prepared with the finances.


For you and your groom to be, your wedding marks the start of many blissful memories together. As special as this day is to both of you, you have decided to opt for a more informal wedding ceremony.

The size of your wedding party would help you to decide on an appropriate location for your reception. Whether it is to be a backyard wedding or a garden wedding with a choice of finger food, or one that is going to take place on a beach with a choice between a barbeque done by a service that specializes in providing  a mixed meat menu or a vegetarian menu, you would need to book the area well in advance. When selecting your location, make certain that it falls in line with the simple theme of the wedding you are going to have.

The Menu

Once you have made your booking with the appropriate location, it is important that you now turn your focus to the menu. For instance, you would have to decide whether you prefer a simple buffet, from which seating would have to be arranged. Invitees would have the choice between limited ranges of choices as a meal.

However, if you have decided to go for something a little less informal like an outdoor barbeque you would first need to find out if all invitees on your guest list eat meat, or you would have to make arrangements for a vegetarian option before contacting a that concentrates on providing  good quality food.


When you decide to spend a budgeted amount on your wedding it is possible to put aside some money for wedding favors. Since your guest list consists of those close to your heart, favors such as a thank you gift or card that is personally signed by you and your groom to be would be a lovely gesture on your part.

Looking into these areas would help you make sure that all areas of concern are given appropriate consideration and handled appropriately.